As a seventeen year old student in 1970 I could disprove basic science and since 1977 took it upon me to find correct science. I found nothing could be further apart than nature and science. I then went to study nature because I firmly believed nature is incorruptibly science and science going against nature is not science. After years of research I managed to explain nature and this no one in science in human memory could achieve. I found the principle
responsible for gravity and that is not mass. To do that requires throwing out the belief in the correctness about current mainstream science and by questioning the plausibility science has.
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Then I went on a pilgrimage to introduce my finding and hoping to find a practising Academic to take over from me. I was unable to find even one Academic prepared to read my work and got a cold shoulder for almost a decade and a half. I present letters I received from Academics that sent me replies. For every hundred articles I sent I received one damning reply and ninety-nine times my effort was completely ignored. This attitude and what the few replies said
made me realise they read a paragraph or two and came to a negative conclusion anyway. You will find I introduce myself frequently in the books but that then constitutes a new article I sent in vain. No sooner you show a mistake in science, you find a cold shoulder blocking you.
That finally convinced me to go to war. I will show the people of the general public how dirty and misleading science is. If science is as clean as it is presented to be then being that squeaky clean there is no room for my work but as totally misleading and incorrect science at present is the world needs my work more than the world needs anything.
So I wash the dirty washing. I am on a mission to show every person what science really is and how much members of administrating and teaching science protect and conspire to hide falsified information. All I ask is a clear mind and I will show you so much unsavoury misconduct in science I can fill a library. Once science went skew they had to go skew more and more to protect the first falsifying of the truth that happened in 1705. Since then science became a hoax as much as politics and moneymaking became falsified faking of the truth. To introduce my work I have to show where science is covering-up one more hoax that is in place to cover-up one more hoax that is in place to cover-up one more hoax and this list is neverending. I took on the challenge by showing how correct my work is I have to show how incredibly corrupt science became as presented in its current form. Read only the website of A Conspiracy in Science in Progress and you will see the hoax so clearly a child can see it.
I found during the development of the Universe from the start to today the development formed in eras in cosmic development. The cosmos began with one spot that grew into one dot…yes we all know that but how and why? I can show without any doubt how it started but
never when it started because every spot holds relevancy to the very first spot that came to be. There came to be an era before material formed space and then it developed into where material form space. This was when 1° became equal to 27639071°, which puts all values at 1. We have to part these two eras of development from one another.
Due to research I found the way the cosmos developed going back before the era called the Big Bang and then even before, before the Big Bang broke space. However, this I only present in the more advanced six books. In order to accept my work science has to reject critical aspects of science they at present accept and unreservedly study my proof on merit and discard preconditioned bias.
My research is about how and why time forms space to develop structures in space that hold materials …in short it is how stars and galaxies form and why stars sometimes don't form or destruct in violence. It is so simple to understand if you are willing to let go of culture because
science in its present form is not science but it is religiosity forming a culture in society. Those in science dictate to nature that which they want nature to be and never take note of nature just because they have no foggy clue why nature is as it is and apply what it applies.
This notion I convey produces a topic that is not the same as a fictional love story or the normal other general topics dealings with the same everyday commodity, which persons normally write about and in that instance then endures fashion trends or likes, and dislikes.